New Venue – New Rules!

Since its birth, NBAF has grown up in its family home of St Andrew’s Hall, but as we look forward to our 5th year, we have announced that we’re moving out, and into our new place!

The new venue, OPEN, has the same amazing advantages of being smack bang in Norwich City Centre, but also some other plus points that are sure to make this year the best yet.

Entertainment will be taking place, in the most part, in Open’s club room. Because this room also houses the bar, Open’s licence dictates that we keep it reserved for those aged 14+. Those between 14 and 18 will need to bring ID with them to be signed in, so that they too can enjoy the entertainment. OPEN accept Passport, birth certificate, driving licence and the official ‘pass card’ ID. One adult can look after up to 4 over  14’s.

For kids under 14, the fun downstairs gets stiff competition upstairs, as they can enjoy OPEN’s purpose built gaming area, comprising Xbox 360s, PS3s, Pool, Air hockey and Fussball. The venue is open year-round for young folk, and you’re welcome to leave your kids upstairs to enjoy the games while you grab a drink at the bar.

The OPEN club room is also a major advancement for us, allowing us a licence for amplified music for the first time, and a wonderfully framed stage with lighting and an electric atmosphere…

Answers on a postcard – or maybe an email to, marked for Emma’s attention, will all be greatfully received.

Roll on August!