Justin and the Argonauts


SUN 20th



Justin and the Argonauts are a four-piece ensemble based in the South East of England. Comprised of violin, accordion, guitar and tuba, they play an eclectic blend of roma funk, tango, classical, Balkan and Klezmer.



Lou Safire


SAT 19th + SUN 20th


Born somewhere between London and Hell, international vaudevillian Lou Safire has been strutting his stuff across the world since 2008.


Voted 35 in The Top 50 Burlesque performers in the world and Number 7 in the UK 2015 by 21st Century Burlesque. 


Lou brings his electrifying striptease act to NBAF 2017 on both days, with two delectable routines to share with you all, so make sure you book your weekend ticket to see the whole shebang.


www.lousafire.com [Photo by Suelan Allison (Ladies of Noir)]



Ruby Dagger

SUN 20th



No NBAF year would be complete without a little fire, and Ruby Dagger puts a flame to Sunday’s proceedings, and also promises to tantalise with her sword balancing act to boot.


[Photos by Steve Wilson]





Das Fenster & the Alibis

SUN 20th



Das Fenster heard Rock’n’Roll in a Belfast bar one night, and all thoughts of joining the priesthood went out the window for good. Instead he turned to playing guitar, womanising, and dabbling with Voodoo. He soon started to attract some unfriendly interest and had to leave his hometown in the dead of night, landing in Liverpool with only a guitar, the clothes he had on, and a mysterious wooden box. A chance meeting with an old acquaintance saw him boarding a plane for a ‘job interview’ in Hamburg, with false documents and a hastily scribbled telephone number. So Das Fenster ended up working for Timmy ‘The Fixer’.
One night at a meeting to discuss one of ‘The Fixer’s’ schemes Das Fenster met a kindred spirit. Certain ‘items’ needed to be moved across town without attracting too much notice. Enter ‘Pearly’ Gates, who played the double-bass by night, and smuggled things around inside it by day.
They started jamming in their free time, but something was missing. So Das Fenster asked the bizarrely named ‘Bad Penny’, a scamster also known for her musical ability, if she would care to join in. Surprisingly she consented, and bringing along her friend ‘The Chemist’ to play drums, a band was born.
Released from their day jobs with ‘The Fixer’, the band moved to Norfolk to throw off some snoopers, and got down to some serious rehearsal…




Mr Beardy Competition


Let the battle of the beards commence; only the hursuit need apply! Paul from the Vince Ray Experience brings the Mr Beardy Competition to NBAF.